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Authentic Themes Coupon Code

Authentic Themes  CouponIn this Authentic Themes Coupon you will get 25% discount for any Authentic Wordpress Theme – November 2013 Updated

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Authentic Themes Overview

Authentic Themes is a new brand of Premium WordPress Themes provider. All of Authentic Themes are built to a high standard without all the bloat you tend to see in the average WordPress Theme. Whenever possible we stick to core WordPress functions to ensure simplicity and compatibility with future updates.

Authentic Themes Coupon

Authentic Themes is Packed with WordPress awesomeness, this theme subscription site is priced to please. Starting at just $40 per year, this bundle is super affordable and includes a solid mix of 100% GPL WordPress themes for any end user or designer. Why the low price? In the blog, it’s explained that, “we want people to use and enjoy our products.” So let’s dig into what you get with your membership, see what you can get for free and of course enjoy!

With Authentic Themes Coupon you save 25% Off on All of Authentic’s Subscription that allow you to use our Themes Multiple Times Per Purchase. Don’t missing now!

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