StudioPress Review

StudioPress Review – Genesis WordPress Theme Framework

StudioPress themes are said to be structurally sound, secure, and good for SEO. The designs are clean; however, there aren’t many that are going to jump out at you make you step back. But not everyone wants that, of course. There also seems to be a relatively large community that you can become a part of when you get a Genesis framework from StudioPress. There are community-built plugins and child themes built especially to run on the framework.

Studiopress Review

With Brian Gardner as the founder, StudioPress is well-known in the WordPress community. Specifically, they have created the very popular Genesis Framework which allows users to quickly and easily build sites with WordPress.

StudioPress designs

Studiopress Design FeaturesThere are over 46 professionally designed child themes available from StudioPress. The variety of theme designs range from blogs, business sites, ecommerce, commercial, news and magazine style sites. Each sleek and dynamic WordPress theme has their own distinctive design, but all of them are built on the same Genesis Framework. And because all themes are made with the same foundation, it’s easy to switch from one theme to another and the functionality of the site doesn’t change. Each theme can be purchased individually or all together in the Pro Plus All-Theme Package.

Built in SEO

With Genesis you get code that is fully optimized for the search engines. Most other themes require you to add a plugin to get the SEO benefits for your WordPress site. With the Genesis Framework the search engine optimization is already built into the code, so no add-ons are necessary. Because the design of each theme is kept separate from the core code, search engine rankings are not affected if you ever decide to switch themes to change the look of your site.

Easy to customize

With Genesis, it’s easy to customize your site the way you want it to look and function. There are more settings with the Genesis Framework than most other themes offer. Each theme includes custom widgets that add more functionality to your site, plus Genesis lets you put them in more places than other themes allow. Another great feature you won’t find on other WordPress themes is the ability to have a different layout on each post or page of your site.

Genesis is secure

You put a lot of effort into designing and monetizing your website – you want to know that your site is safe. StudioPress has developed all of their themes with a WordPress security expert for comprehensive protection from hackers. Genesis is built with the best possible security to keep your site secure.

Easy to update

Genesis themes are very easy to update to a newer version with just a couple of clicks. There is an option to have updates done automatically so your site will always be up to date. Updates to the Genesis Framework only changes the code that runs in the background, so you don’t need to worry about an update changing your theme design or customization settings.

StudioPress support

Customer ServiceStudioPress offers free lifetime support when you buy any of their themes. When you have questions, you can look for answers on this site, Google them or post them in the StudioPress forums – there is no email support. There are separate forums available for each child theme, which helps you find more specific answers for the particular theme you’re using.

The support staff on the forum are very good at answering your questions quickly and accurately, although some answers are initially brief and tend to assume that you have an above-average experience level with WordPress and html coding. Sometimes it takes some follow-up questions to get a more “simple” explanation.

The pricing

Single themes cost from $79.95 – $99.95. With the purchase of any theme, you get the Genesis framework that the theme runs on. In other words, each theme is really a child theme that runs on top of the Genesis framework. You can get all Studiopress Themes with Pro Plus All-Theme Package includes all themes for $349.

My Conclusion

StudioPress has clean, solid designs that run on top of a clean, solid framework. Relatively conservative in their design approach and basic in functionality, they aren’t for everyone. But if you see a style in one of their themes that appeals to you, you can feel confident that you’re getting a stable system underneath it.

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