WordPress Review Theme

WordPress Review Theme

WordPress Review Theme is WordPress themes for niche sites review, Contrast and Review Multiple Products against eachother with detailed content. Wordpress Theme Review

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Introducing The WordPress Review Theme!

If You Want To Create Your Own WordPress Review Sites From Scratch Go Right Ahead (The Original 4 Pack Of Themes Is What You Need.  You’ll Get The Generic WordPressReview Theme Plus 4 Bonus Themes FREE) But To Make Your Life Much Easier We’ve Got Ready Made Niche Review Themes For Some Of THE Hottest Products In The Clickbank Marketplace(With Professional Review Articles Thrown In FREE)…

What is WordPress Review Theme?

WordPress review theme is a theme template designed to build review styled websites using the WordPress, especially for affiliate marketers..

Why Build a Review Site With WordPress?

  • As an affiliate marketer, your goal is to attract visitors that are ready to buy. Using review sites for affiliate marketing is ideal because you are attracting visitors that are looking for a specific product or service and are ready to buy.
  • When a person is looking to make a buying decision they look to reviews online.
  • These customers are ready to buy, they just want to know they’re making the best choice and getting the best deal available. If your blog provides quality reviews that make their buying decision easy you will earn the commissions.

In fact, one of my very own review sites makes between $1400.00 and $1800.00 per week.

Every time my website visitor clicks to the merchant site I recommend I make on average $130 – sometimes as much as $190.00

Click On The Play Button To Watch How Easy It Is To Set Up Your Own WordPress Review Theme!

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Turn The Seo Power Of WordPress Into Powerful Affiliate Review Sites -The WordPress Review Theme allows you to quickly create review blogs on practically anything at all – you’re only limited by your imagination! Simple To Use, Easy To Customize, WordPress Review Theme Is The Answer To Your Affiliate Site Needs!


Hi. I purchased your review theme yesterday and it is AWESOME!! I am completely new to IM and WordPress and am no techy genius, but you have provided an EXCELLENT QUALITY PRODUCT and EASY TO FOLLOW MANUAL. I want to thank you!

Shalisha A. NY

If you are thinking, but undecided about buying these themes I cannot recommend them highly enough! Great Themes + Great Support I couldn’t ask for more… Thank you!

Simon C. IL

WOW I’m too impressed …

Tony B. UK

Just want to say thanks again here where future forum members can see it! You’ve been very prompt and helpful and I appreciate it very much!

Susan L. NY

I absolutely love this theme. It’s going to be an indispensable item in my marketing campaigns!

Guy S. MN

WordPress Review Theme – Niche Review Themes!

WordPress Review Theme now has with 12 customized niche review themes, ready to be promoted right away… just insert your affiliate links! Each WordPress Review Niche Theme includes:

  • customized a costumed header that is niche specific
  • product images related to the niche
  • 3 professionally written review articles, one for each product, that you can use and modify to make uniquely your own!

Using WordPress Review Niche Themes you can have your website fully up a running in 10 minutes! You can download each theme individually or download the complete theme pack which includes all of the below listed themes (highly recommended and the best value for money)! Every niche theme is 100 percent customizable.  You can

  • change the order of the reviews
  • promote different products entirely
  • add unlimited product reviews (though 3 to 6 is recommended)

What Niches Are Available With WordPress Review Theme?

As I indicated above, there are 12 ready to go affiliate review themes with professionally written reviews that you can star tusing today to make money.  I’ve done the research for you and discovered some of the hottest “desperate buyer” niches online and created niche specific themes and reviews for each niche so they’re really plug n play.

I would recommend that you take a moment to scroll through the list, see the clickbank products that you’ll be able to promote, and go to the very end of the page.  You’ll get the best value for money by downloading the complete set.  You’ll get 16 WordPress review themes for only $9 each (and remember you get three professionally written reviews included in the $9).  You’d be hard pressed finding this kind of deal anywhere else.

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